Completing assigned tasks (for clients)

Standard Ledger has systems, processes and checklists for all it's services.  

More often than not, we also need information from you, our client, to provide the service you have requested.  So we've decided to also allocate ToDo's for you too :)

We use a system called Karbon to manage both your (and our) tasks to be completed.

When you've been assigned a task, you'll receive an initial email with a list of the information we need (and tasks to be completed by you), typically with a link to a more detailed form.

Note: For security purposes, the first time you receive an email with tasks assigned to you, you'll be asked to create a PIN.  See here for more information

The email you receive will look like this:


Please read and complete each checklist item and, when complete, check it off to notify us when it's done.

Sometimes you'll have a comment or question about an item.  If you select the item you'll see an area where you can ask questions of the team, which we'll receive and note and/or reply too.

Here's also where you can upload any supporting attachments. 




Because we're trying to provide an efficient service for you, we'll send you (automated) reminders when we've nominated a due date (typically we ask that you turn around information within 7 days) and it's "overdue" 

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